Mr. Ed photos belong to Leyca Greenwalt

Henderson, nevada

Updated June 10, 2019

Kitten Information:

  • No longer breeding kittens at this time

"Mr. Ed"

Neutered Male

3 years old

VERY friendly and affectionate.

MUST be an only cat!      

Okay around dogs and young children.

No spraying issues.

Adult Information:

  • Pricing $250.00
  • Adults are raised on Iams dry food with the occasional wet food for a treat.
  • All cats are raised on Tidy Cats clay scoopable litter.
  • All cats come with TICA registration papers and will be handed over at time of transfer.
  • All cats will have age appropriate shots at time of transfer.
  • All cats will be spayed/neutered at time of transfer.
  • Health Warranty: All cats are declared healthy up to the time of transfer of ownership from breeder to purchaser. If cat is found in unsound health by a veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase, cat shall be returned to seller. Seller will replace the cat with an equal value cat as soon as a suitable replacement becomes available. No money will be refunded. **Note: Stress is common when introducing a new cat to a home, other animals, food, vets, carriers etc. -Soft stools, upper respiratory infections, rashes are common during these times and these conditions are treatable by your veterinarian and will not be considered to be unsound health.
  • Shipping is not available at this time.
  • Cattery Visits: Due to safety reasons for my cats and family, I now operate a strictly closed cattery. (I will no longer offer home visits and home pick ups) I will be happy to provide you with bi-weekly photos and videos of your cat and will meet you in a populated public area for final pick up.  This may cause some of you to look elsewhere for your kitten and I respect your decision, as I hope you can do the same for mine. Thank you for understanding!  
  • Final Payment: Remaining balance owed on cat is due at transfer of ownership. Final payment can be: Cash, Clear Funds, PayPal and or Well Fargo money transfer.
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